Getting The Most Out Of Online Poker

club If you’re just getting started with your online poker career, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with the number of poker rooms out there. Choosing the best online poker room is a matter of personal taste in many ways.

heart One thing to consider is the client options – if your computer does not run a Windows Operating System, then your choice may be slightly limited, as not all poker rooms offer a client choice that will work on Macs or Linux.

spade Do you like to play on the move? If so, does the poker room you are considering offer a mobile version of the site?

diamond Also, what kinds of poker games do you like to play? Some sites specialize in Texas Hold em poker, others offer several poker variations. Make sure that the games you like get enough attention on the site.

club It is also worth looking at bonuses. Almost every poker room offers some form of bonus for first time depositors, but what about in the long term? Does the site offer a comp points scheme for existing members? Are there special ‘happy hours’ where players can get a bonus on their deposit? Compare the schemes and work out which one will work out best for your style of play.

heart The best online poker rooms offer a lot more than just a place to find fellow poker players. Next time you sit down to play, take the time to look at the web site to see what your poker room has to offer. You may find some useful tips and deals.

spade If you want to improve your game, look for a section on poker tips. Pacific Poker, for example, has a ‘how to play’ section, and a wealth of tips to help you improve your Texas Holdem game, with charts, tables, and a terminology section that will have you talking, and hopefully playing, like a poker pro.

diamond A look in the promotions section brings up a nice list of special offers, including depositor’s freerolls, and a prize draw for people who have played a casino game on the site recently. Don’t be tempted to do things you wouldn’t normally do in the hopes of winning a big prize, but do keep your eyes open for offers that may benefit you, and work around them.

club Try to get to know the people who play during your time zone too – you never know who you may meet, and you could pick up some great poker tips along the way too.

heart Now, go find the right poker room for you and win your way to the top


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